I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your organization. If your organization is seeking more brand awareness and a hard working content partner, then you have come to the right place. If you need additional information or have a specific proposal in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

My Story:

I began blogging in 2016 for a number of reasons. I love life and life had kicked me down a bit so I found a way to get back up and I want to share that with the world. My health had failed miserably and as a direct result, I ended up giving up my thriving restaurant to gain my health back. I had a booming barbecue restaurant, a catering business, and two large concession trailers. I found out the hard way that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything, and my business became no longer important. I had gained 150 lbs., had severe sleep apnea, my knees and ankles were giving me problems, my cholesterol was high, and I had severe edema. I was able to turn that all around within 90 days on a plant based diet.

I am an avid researcher and reader. I thrive on information. When I decided to make a change, I wanted to do it in a way that was sustainable for the rest of my life. That way of living became very apparent to me in my research. A plant based lifestyle was the only way to accomplish this. I am also a compassionate person that is environmentally conscious. The science is now solid (once we get past the propaganda of the food, fossil fuel, and ‘health’ industries), that moving our planet toward veganism is the only way we are going to sustain this lovely place we call home.

Each one of us has to do our part and this is what I call Respectful Living. Living a respectful life means that we are each working toward compassion toward all earthlings, and respecting this planet we and future generations call home.

It is under these precepts that I choose my partners, and that my partners choose to work with me. I work with companies that wish to share the message of living respectfully and in a sustainable manner with compassion for all concerned.

I am a content creator and I work very hard at researching my content and appropriately conveying that content to my audience. My brand is important to me and I know your brand is important to you. If your message and identity as an organization is cohesive to my message, I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.



Respectful Living is a content creator. Our content niche focus is mindfulness, sustainability, health and wellness, organics, green living, conscious consumerism, food as medicine, proper nutrition, plant-based living, and the vegan lifestyle.

Our current social media following is over 10,000 and our monthly readership and reach is well over 100,000 and growing daily.

We post our content on, and have a presence on the following websites and social media platforms:

ARespectfulLife.com https://www.arespectfullife.com/

Google Plus https://plus.google.com/+RespectfulLiving

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/respectful-living-74871b13a/

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/MindfulLife1/

Twitter https://twitter.com/respectfullivin

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/respectfulliving1/

Instagram 2 https://www.instagram.com/verysexyvegans/

2 Pages on Facebook:

RespectfulLiving https://www.facebook.com/RespectfulLiving/

and ARespectfulLife https://www.facebook.com/ARespectfulLife/

StumbleUpon https://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/rliving28

WordPress.com https://respectulliving.wordpress.com/

LiveJournal http://arespectfullife.livejournal.com/

Medium https://medium.com/@ARespectfulLife

Blogger (BlogSpot) https://respectfulliving1.blogspot.com/

Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/respectfulliving1

BlogLovin https://www.bloglovin.com/@respectfulliving

BuzzFeed https://www.buzzfeed.com/arespectfullife

BoredPanda http://www.boredpanda.com/author/ctiexec/

PlayBuzz https://www.playbuzz.com/respectfull10

Livinia https://livinvia.com/en/profile/respectfulliving

Our content is also routinely added to search engines like Google, Yahoo! (Now Bing), ExactSeek, AOL, Excite, Entireweb, Infospace, DuckDuckGo, DogPile, Mama, and WebCrawler.

In addition to the above, we also post in a number of different online communities that are relative to the particular post or recipe: Vegan groups on Facebook, Google Plus, and , Care2. We post content on FindingVegan, HuffingtonPost, VegFriend, OneGreenPlanet, VeganHealthAndFitnessmag.com, Yummly, FoodGawker, Vegetarian-Recipes.com, OhMYVeggies, and other Vegan and Vegetarian Recipe Websites. We also sometimes collaborate with other bloggers and online journals.

Our content marketing strategy is not only to cast the net wide, but to do it consistently. In addition to a consistent and rigorous posting schedule, we take advantage of trending topics that are cohesive to our brand. When those tropics trend, we re-post the appropriate media in order to drive interest and more traffic to our blog and social media accounts, as well as to the sites of our partners.

The types of partnerships we normally consider:

  • In Blog Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Product Reviews

We are open to other proposals.

Additional demographics, social media, and readership information is available upon request.

Please contact us if you have an interest in partnering with Respectful Living.  ctiexec AT gmail DOT com