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Private Chef for Vegetarian and Vegan Dinner Parties and meal prep in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Want to show your friends and family what fantastic Vegan Cuisine is like? I’d be happy to help. Hourly or by the plate. We can work out an appropriate menu. Below are pictures of a small sampling of some of the many dishes that I make.  I also post on Instagram:   In addition to I can help with meal planning and nutritional coaching.  Please email ctiexec@ gmail DOT com, or text or call for reservations and booking 734-545-2267 between 9am and 9pm EST.  ~JT

I can accept major credit cards or cash. I do not offer any other forms of payment.

A note concerning Michigan State food laws and Washtenaw County Environmental Health regulations: As a private chef, regulations are such that ALL food preparation must be conducted in your kitchen. I am not a licensed caterer and am not catering from my kitchen to you. You assume all liability in the event that your guests become ill from food borne illness. I take all of the necessary precautions including wearing gloves with ready to eat foods, proper heating, proper holding, proper cooling, proper storage, and proper sanitation. I cannot guarantee that groceries purchased from various sources are not contaminated with bacteria or viruses like E.coli, salmonella, etc. I take all precautions to ensure food safety, was ServeSafe certified and am a longtime restaurant owner. I decided to get out of the restaurant ownership and catering side of things as I don’t want the overhead, hours, and hassle.

If you need additional Vegan Resources, please go to THIS PAGE, or check out my Blog.

shitake soba noodles

vegan beand and rice

avocado bruschetta

Stir Fry

taco salad

thai peanut sauce

tofu sandwhich

vegan skillet pizza

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Mediteranean pasta dish

tofu dish

vegan lettuce wraps


Vegan Private Chef in Ann Arbor Michigan – Vegan Dinner Parties, Meal Prep, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. Nutrition Coach.  Meal Planning.  Washtenaw County, Pittsfield Township, Saline Michigan.