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Susan’s Story: Lost 70 lbs In ONE year! On a High Carb, Low Fat, Plant Based Diet

Many of you are starting your journey in 2018! Congrats to YOU! If I can offer any words of encouragement and support, I would tell you that you are making one of the best decisions of your life. You are not just starting a “challenge”. You are giving yourself and those who love you, an amazing gift.

In 2016, my dear vegan friends (and ER nurses), Tracy, tried to teach me about the benefits of this lifestyle. I was stubborn, and I made excuses. I said I would try but not “give up” certain things. I borrowed books from them that I never opened. As 2017 approached, they didn’t give up on me. They said, “Hey, we’re doing this Engine 2 Seven Day Challenge to reboot and refine our lifestyle, want to do it with us?” I finally said, “What the hell, I’ll give it a shot…”

I started my adventure on 1/3/17 and I’ve said goodbye to 70 POUNDS! My labwork went from mediocre to fantastic! More importantly, I gained more than I lost… happiness, energy, determination, and confidence. I’ve gone from weekends spent watching Netflix, to weekends paddleboarding on the open ocean with the dolphins and climbing mountains on the trails! I’ve shown my teenage kids that Mom is here and present, and can keep up with them! Ok sshhhh, let’s be honest, I have MORE energy than them. I still have work to do and I look forward to it!

What I can tell you is to be patient, and to be kind to yourself. There are no failures, just great days and not so great days. Keep going! Results will come! Try not to over-complicate the process. Not every meal has to be a fancy 5 star production! Take it a day at a time… they add up. WE got this plant strong peeps! MAKE YOUR 2018 AMAZING!!!

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Transformation on a Plant Based Diet

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Susan Lost 70 lbs. on a High Carb, Low Fat Diet