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Sheena Lost 15kg in 10 months on a vegan Diet

Sheena’s Story:

I want to share my my vegan weight lost journey to all. I’ve been struggling being overweight since year 2012 and my BMI always tells me I’m obsessed, I have tried different kinds of diets and failed miserably.

I finally decided to go to gym on the last quarter of 2014. After a year, I have noticed that I just keep gaining weight (muscle weight) but I didn’t lose my weight. After 1 and a half year my friends started telling me that they don’t believe in gym and losing weight by working out as they don’t see any progress in me. I felt desperate, angry, insecure and hopeless.

One day my friend called me to watch “What The Health Documentary” I was in shock but at the same time I knew it made sense to me and somehow I felt like my prayers has been answered. On the next day I started to become Vegan, it was hard but I was determined to see if it works.  After a week I felt better, after 2 weeks I never felt so much better and I went off my medications for headache and body pain. I continued for 6 months and now 10 months and I have seen dramatic changes on me. (Sheena Lost 33 lbs. / 15 kg in 10 months!)

I didn’t just lose weight. I felt happy, stronger in the gym, have lots of energy and felt really positive in life. I’m now 32 but I never felt this healthy in my 20s. I learned that if you always end up with same result, try different things that you haven’t done before and don’t give up!

I hope this will inspire others on their weight loss journey. Good luck for everyone and Go Vegan!


Sheena Angeles is a 32 year old Filipina and lives in Dubai, UAE.  You can find her on Instagram:

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Transformation on a Plant Based Diet

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Sheena Lost 33 lbs. in 10 months! On a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet