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Shannon F.Lost 85 lbs.Off 22 Medications!reversed Lupus_Diabetes_hyperlipidemia Shannon’s Story:

9 years ago, Shannon was desperately ill and unable to walk or stand. She was debilitated from many illness, that included: Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Dangerously high triglycerides that peaked at 459, SLE-Lupus, POTS- Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, NCS- Neurocardiogenic Syncope, Heart Failure, Rosacea, Chronic Pain, Chronic Depression, Gastroparesis, Intense Allergies to foods, chemicals, etc, Kidney impairment due to Lupus, Food Addictions, and Disordered Eating.

At the height of her illness, she was taking 26 medications that included 3 steroids, 6-8 medications for Allergies, Chemotherapy for Lupus, Diabetes Meds, Heart Medications, Depression Medications, and had a team of 12 Doctors that were on her treatment team. At her highest weight, she was 190 lbs.

Shannon has now lost 85lbs, is down to 4 medications, reversed Lupus/Diabetes/hyperlipidemia, said goodbye to Depression/food addictions/anxiety/disordered eating/disordered sleeping, ran a ½ marathon, has more energy than she knows what to do with, and opened and grew the cardiac rehab unit at Beaumont Cardiac Rehabilitation.

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Shannon_ Lost 85 lbs. - Off 22 Medications!Reversed Lupus, Diabetes, & Hyperlipidemia!