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Richard’s Story:Richard Lost 150 lbs Reversed Hypertension

My weight loss journey started in 2012. I had started to lose a little weight in December 2011 as I knew I had a doctors appointment in January. This was my first physical in years. I avoided going to the doctor because I didn’t want to hear I was diabetic. Hypertension and diabetes runs in my family.

When I finally saw the doctor, he confirmed what I already knew… that I was extremely obese. He also told me I was prehypertensive. He prescribed a medication which I picked up. Instead of taking a pill though I made a deal with him. If I lost the weight he wouldn’t force me to take the medication.

By December 2012, I was down to 212 pounds. My hypertension was completely reversed. I never took a pill for the hypertension and now my readings are 110/70 regularly.

I cut out certain foods since 2012, for example, I gave up processed foods, aspartame, red meat, etc. By September, 2016, I became a plant-based bodybuilder. I saw some bodybuilders online that were vegan and I saw that I could build muscle with just  plants. I have never looked back in my skin is a lot tighter today! Today, I’m proving others wrong, and showing that plant based people get plenty of protein, while maintains my weightloss for over 5 years now!

Total Weight Loss at 150 lbs!

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Transformation on a Plant Based Diet

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Richard Lost 150 lbs. & Reversed Hypertension Has Maintained Weight Loss For 5 Years