My name is Jax Weaver.  As a child, I was considered a normal size. I was not skinny or fat. I ate McDonalds, Honey Buns and Mac n Cheese. I never even tried a vegetable. They grossed me out. I never drank water. I lived off Coke and Kool Aid. I thought water tasted gross! My parents were drug addicts and so I also became one.

At age 22 I had a heart attack. The cause was a mix of poor diet and drug use. It took a few more years of pain and suffering before I decided to stop using drugs.  I kept eating like crap but I guess since my body no longer had the drugs and alcohol I blew up. I was near 400 pounds but at least I was off drugs right? I didn’t realize food was just another one of my many addictions.

My daughter was two when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. I think that was what did it for me.

I started reading labels after that because I had to make sure everything we ate and had around her was gluten free. I was shocked to learn what we were putting in our bodies. I started googling chemicals in food and was horrified. The first dramatic change we made was all organic and of course gluten free. I lost a little weight (about 50 pounds) and that was about it. Then for some reason meat (which I ate every meal every day) started making me sick. I’m still not sure why but it really made me super sick. So I started doing research and came across The China Study. My family and I immediately stopped eating meat. Dairy and other animal products followed about 6 months after that. We started eating a plant based diet.

Over the last year and a half I’ve lost slightly over 100 pounds. 150 total. I was on Nitroglycerin, Blood Thinners and Metoprolol for my heart. I was on Synthroid for my thyroid. I was on inhalers and also Prednisolone for asthma. I was on Metformin for being pre-diabetic. I was able to drop all of those medications and now all I take is a vitamin called CoQ10 for my heart.

My daughters story is even more amazing. She was 100% non verbal autistic. When we cut the gluten out she started talking. But when we cut out meat and dairy all signs of autism were 100% gone. She is now 6 and in 4th grade! She is extremely intelligent, fun, loving and simply amazing! My wife also no longer had asthma symptoms! She had PCOS but showed no signs of it at her last doctors visit.  Her Bell’s Palsy is gone.  So we all have had amazing dramatic changes in our health.  Not only our health but we are now more compassionate towards animal! We feel more spiritually fit. We look and feel so much better in every way, shape, and form. We will never go back!

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Transformation on a Plant Based Diet