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Amanda Fisher Lost 50 lbs.On a High Carb, Low Fat, Plant Based Diet.Rheumatoid Arthritis GONEAmanda’s Story:

I became vegan over 8 years ago after suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue, bad acne and I was over 50lbs overweight.

I struggled to walk some days because of the intense pain in my joints.

I was only in my early 20’s at the time, and thought this can’t be it. My life can’t be reduced to this.

Since going vegan I lost over 50lbs, I have done 21km Spartan Races, competed in bodybuilding competitions and now live a active and healthy lifestyle – pain free.

I don’t suffer from acne any longer, I have energy and best of all, I have no markers for RA anymore and am pain free!

This all brought me to studying nutrition, yoga & becoming a CPT so that I could help others experience the amazing benefits of what adopting a plant based diet can do!

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Transformation on a Plant Based Diet

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Amanda Lost 50 lbs on a Plant Based Diet.