Transformation on a Plant Based Diet

#PlantsHealHumans is an awareness campaign.  Many people have experienced healing and reversal of chronic diseases through a Plant Based Diet.  We want to share their stories!

Moving the world toward eating more plants and less meat is not only good for human health, it is good for the environment, and for world hunger.  Eating meat is a very inefficient use of the resources on our planet and humans do NOT need to eat meat to be healthy.  What we choose to put on our plates DOES make a difference to those who are malnourished.

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easy weight loss on a plant based diet


Eric O’Grey’s Story Here:

Carly’s Story Here:

Tim’s Story Here:

Karla’s Story Here:

Jax’s Story Here:

Joyce’s Story Here:

Freed from Lupus and Medications on a Whole Food Plant Based vegan Diet

Kristin’s Story Here:

Kristin Lost 105 lbs

Amanda’s Story Here:

Amanda Fisher Lost 50 lbs.On a High Carb, Low Fat, Plant Based Diet.Rheumatoid Arthritis GONE

Dani’s Story Here:

Dani Lost 80 lbs. on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Now a Champion Figure Competitor!

Josh’s Story Here:

Josh turner lost 100 lbs

Jessie’s Story Here:

Jessie Lost 70 lbs. on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Sarah’s Story Here:

Sarah Lost 100 lbs on a Plant Based Diet

Jason’s Story Here:

Jason Lost 162 lbs. In ONE YEAR! On A Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Sheena’s Story Here:

Sheena Lost 15kg in 10 months on a vegan Diet

Allan’s Story Here:

plants heal humans allans story

Cheryl’s Story Here:

Cheryl Lost 112 lbs on a plant based diet

Jacqueline’s Story Here:

Jacqueline Lost 100 lbs. On a High Carb, Low Fat, Plant Based Diet

Jim’s Story Here:

#PlantsHealHumans Jim Balla

Nim’s Story Here:

#PlantsHealHumans Nim

Jeff’s Story Here:

Q Restaurant OwnerLost 148 lbs. Reversed_ Pre-Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, Severe Edema. Off ALL Medications~

Shannon’s Story Here:

Shannon F.Lost 85 lbs.Off 22 Medications!reversed Lupus_Diabetes_hyperlipidemia

Richard’s Story Here:

Richard Lost 150 lbs Reversed Hypertension

Susan’s Story Here:

Lost 70 lbs In ONE year! On a High Carb, Low Fat, Plant Based Diet