So my journey to a plant based life started January of 2017 at the first picture I weighed 170 pounds! At age 24, I had pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, digestion issues, terrible acne, an no energy or motivation!

When my doctor told me about the pre-diabetes his advice to me was “If I eat the pizza, don’t eat the breadsticks” he wanted me to cut back the carbs and sugar. I left feeling defeated and without hope!

Luckily that didn’t last long! My client has been vegan for a very long time and she’s the healthiest person I knew and she was always telling me about how great it was! So that night I started researching on YouTube and then I found ‘Forks Over Knives’, ‘Cowspiracy’, and ‘Food Choices’ on Netflix and after watching all of them that night, I said you know what I’m not going back to that doctor! I’m going vegan! So I did! I cut out all meat dairy fish and eggs over night!

Over a year and a half I lost 20lbs and kept it off and reversed the pre-diabetes and high blood pressure but I was still eating what was essentially a junk food vegan diet so lots of fake cheese and oil and refined sugar and flour/bread.

So about 7 months ago I finally cut out refined sugar and bread/flour and I lost another 20lbs and kept it off but was still struggling with weight loss! Then I found ‘The Produce Section Challenge’ on Facebook and Marley Ficalora helped me realize I needed to cut out the oil and the fake cheeses and meats. So the 1st of this year, I did that and the weight has been falling off! I have so much energy that I’ve been working out almost every day without feeling tired ever! My skin cleared up as soon as all the bad stuff was out of my body! I’m healthy and thriving! My blood work is wonderful! I’ve found a vegan doctor that is amazing!

I’m so happy I found this key to wellness and happiness! It is the greatest joy to be healthy! Every day for me now is a new opportunity and I look forward to waking up every day!!! -Carly Burgess

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Transformation on a Plant Based Diet

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