Respect your body and mind, this planet we call home, and the beings that inhabit it.  Be mindful and aware of all of the things that make up this life we live.

~What is Respectful Living?  It is living in the present, in awe of life.  It is respecting yourself first.  It is mindfulness and self awareness.  It is respecting ALL living things on this earth that we call our home and doing it passionately and compassionately.

The focus of this blog is mindfulness and respecting life which includes: Health and wellness, organics, sustainability, proper nutrition, green living, conscious consumerism, and the vegan lifestyle.

~Thanks for wondering who I am!  I am JT, founder and author of this site.  I am a 46 year old person that has lived in 6 States in the U.S.  I have 6 children. I have traveled all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  I am a musician and play several instruments.  I am an amateur photographer.  I was a professional Chef and have owned two restaurants (there is not much I have not cooked).  I was also a professional in the I.T. industry for many years.  On the side, I have personally held a real estate license, several insurance licenses, and several securities licenses.

I have done a lot in my life.  I have seen many successes and I have also failed many times.

After loosing my family, my business and also my health (for a short time, I am better now), and having some additional tragedies, I decided to make some drastic changes in my lifestyle and my thinking.  I decided to live respectfully and mindfully.  The results are pretty amazing and I want to share my journey with you.  Stay on board with me as I share my personal tragedies and triumphs.

In addition to personal stories, I am an avid researcher and information junkie.  I try to write thought provoking articles that are well thought out and thoroughly researched.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food’ – Hippocrates