Health Education and Promotion Journals

A comprehensive list of Health Education and Promotion Journals with links.

1. AIDS Education and Prevention. An international journal designed to support the

efforts of professionals working to prevent HIV and AIDS, AIDS Education and Prevention

includes scientific articles by leading authorities from many disciplines, research

reports on the effectiveness of new strategies and programs, debates about key issues,

and reviews of books and video resources. The journal also covers a wide range of public

health, psychosocial, ethical, and public policy concerns related to HIV and AIDS.

2. American Journal of Health Behavior (formerly Health Values). Articles feature

research about the impact of personal behavior patterns and practices on health

promotion. The journal emphasizes efforts at fostering a better understanding of

the multidisciplinary interface of systems and individuals as they impact behavior.

Examples of successful multidisciplinary approaches to improving health at the

community level are featured. Only available online after 2009.

3. American Journal of Health Education. Includes research findings, community health

intervention and learning strategies, and health promotion strategies. Some articles are

designed as self-study courses.

4. American Journal of Health Promotion. This journal features original research

articles, the testing of health behavioral theory on selected populations, and program

evaluation. It is an excellent source of work-site health promotion articles.

5. American Journal of Public Health. Published by the American Public Health

Association, this journal features reports related to health research, program

evaluations, and health policy analysis, as well as articles on special topics on the health

of selected groups and communities.

6. Evaluation and the Health Professions. Articles generally focus on practitioner-friendly

research related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of community based

health programs. Healthcare researchers and evaluators can find examples of

state-of-the-art tools and methods for conducting meaningful evaluations.

7. Family and Community Health. Presents creative, multidisciplinary perspectives and

approaches for effective public and community health programs. Issues focus on a

single topic and address problems of concern to a wide variety of population groups

with diverse ethnic backgrounds, including children and the elderly, men and women,

and rural and urban communities.

8. Health Affairs. This journal is published bimonthly and features health policy–related

articles of national concern or interest. The journal serves as a major source of primary

research concerning healthcare coverage, health economics, health reform, and the

impact of policy on the health of the populace.

9. The Health Educator: The Journal of Eta Sigma Gamma. Published by Eta Sigma

Gamma, the health education honor society, this journal includes articles related to

most health education/promotion topics in a variety of settings. Many of the studies

and commentaries are submitted by students in health education/promotion and/or

public health programs. (must be a member to access)

10. The Hastings Center Report. This journal focuses on the ethical, social, legal, and

economic factors in health policy, medicine, health care delivery, and public health.

11. Health Education & Behavior (formerly Health Education Quarterly). The official

publication of the Society for Public Health Education, Inc. (SOPHE), its articles

center on health behavior and education, case studies in health, program evaluation,

and strategies to improve social and behavioral health. Each submission includes a

commentary on the application of findings to the practice setting.

12. Health Education Research. Official publication of the International Union for Health

Promotion and Education and features articles concerning health promotion program

planning, implementation, and evaluation. Articles focus on application of results in

the practice of health promotion.

13. Health Promotion International. The majority of research studies and commentaries

are on issues related to health promotion in schools, clinics, worksites, and

communities located outside the United States. Unique to this journal is the fact that

submissions describing spontaneous activities, organizational change interventions,

and social and environmental development are featured too.

14. Health Promotion Practice. Publishes articles devoted to the practical application of

health promotion and education in a variety of settings including community, health

care, educational, worksite, and international. Articles focus on best practices and their

application to health policies that promote health and disease prevention.

15. Global Journal for Health Education and Promotion (GJHEP) (formerly The

International Electronic Journal of Health Education). Features articles on nearly every

aspect of health education, including school health, community health, worksite

health promotion, the ethical implications of health education, and the philosophy of

health education. Published by Sagamore Publishing.

16. The Journal of American College Health. Published by the American College Health

Association in cooperation with Heldref Publications, its articles are limited to those

that relate to health promotion or health service provision in the college or university

environment. This is the only journal written by college health professionals for college

health professionals.

17. Journal of Community Health. This journal features articles relating to the practice,

teaching, and research of community health; preventive medicine; and analysis of

delivery of healthcare services.

18. Journal of Health Communication. This journal is published eight times a year. It

presents the latest developments in the field of health communication, including

research in risk communication, health literacy, social marketing, communication

(from interpersonal to mass media), psychology, government, policy making, and

health education around the world.

19. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. The official publication of the Society

of Nutrition Education and Behavior, this journal publishes articles that are germane

to the interface between nutrition education and behavior as practiced worldwide. It

serves as a resource for anyone interested in nutrition education or diet and physical


20. Journal of Rural Health. Published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc. for the Rural

Health Association, this journal’s articles focus on professional practice, research,

theory development, and policy issues related to health in the rural setting.

21. Journal of School Health. Published for the American School Health Association,

articles in this journal are related to the public or private school setting from pre-K

through grade 12. Articles generally focus on children’s health issues but may include

information related to other aspects of coordinated school health programs.

22. Global Health Promotion. This is an official publication of the International Union for

Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE), published by Sage Publications. Most issues are

topical in nature (e.g., environmental health, population health, and infectious disease

prevention) and feature articles related to the application of public health and health

promotion in countries around the globe. Articles are published in several languages.

23. Pedagogy in Health Promotion: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. A

quarterly journal first published in 2016. Curriculum and course design, assessment,

and administration relevant to teaching and learning are topics that provide focal

points for articles in this publication. (SOPHE publication).

24. Public Health Reports. Published by the Association of Schools of Public Health, this

journal reports findings from many avenues of research related to health services

acquisition, health policy development, and health promotion at the community level.

25. Health Behavior and Policy Review. A bi-monthly journal that was first published in

January 2014. The journal features articles on policy development impacting health

behaviors that are population rather than individual focused. Research guiding policy

development and prioritizing health policy choices is also a focus.