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Hey everyone, this is JT, the blogger here at Respectful Living. As you know, I provide tons of recipes and free articles to help you on your journey toward plant-based living and a cruelty free lifestyle. On occasion, I review opportunities for partnerships and blog content. I ONLY recommend products that I use, or causes that I have vetted or truly believe in. If you wish to purchase any of the products from my partners, please use the affiliate links following as it really helps me out, and helps keep this blog free. In addition, please visit a Goggle advertiser while you are here.


MamaSezz – Whole Food Plant-Based meal delivery. (You can also see my review here.)

Wild Earth – Vegan Dog Food (Here is the science behind feeding your dog a plant-based diet.)

Splendid Spoon – WFPB Meal Delivery that is great for weight loss (Check out my review here.)

ECOLunchbox – I love these Eco-friendly non-plastic lunchboxes! (Here are some pics.)

Hamama Greens – Microgreen kits that I use daily! (Info on why microgreens are a great source of nutrients.)


The ONE THING that really gets under my skin is how we can feed 56 BILLION farmed animals our crops to fatten them up for our consumption and still allow almost 1 BILLION humans go hungry – over 3 MILLION children dies every year from hunger. Please consider supporting A Well Fed World. They have an amazing mission and cause. If you search my blog for ‘hunger’, I have tons of articles on the topic or click here for a quick search: