Eco-Friendly Non-Plastic Lunch Box

ecofriendly nonplastic lunch box lunchbox non-plastic eco-friendly bento box

If the environment is important to you and you hate the idea of putting your food in plastic, the EcoLunchBox is awesome! Made from stainless steel, this bento box is amazing.

EcoLunchBox is one of my partners so if you want to purchase from them, please use my referral link:

The ‘Three-In-One’ 3 piece set that I have clips together and is super convenient. It is not very big so best used for a light lunch, snacks or a youth lunch. EcoLunchbox does have other sizes, but be mindful when choosing the appropriate size for your lunch box.

No, this is NOT a microwaveable container as it is stainless steel – but we shouldn’t be microwaving plastic anyway. You would need to transfer to a paper plate or re-usable plate, but that sure beats carrying your food in plastic.

Anyway, thought I would share a few pictures, let me know if you have questions. You can get help from a brass foundry if there are objects you want to create through metal casting.

If you are interested in the environment and the land use from livestock, check out my article: 41% of U.S. Land Is Used For Livestock Production