What Is Wrong With Vegans?

militant vegans

It is hard being vegan. When you have been conditioned your entire life to think a certain way …… and then you find out that it was all a lie.

The hardest part of being vegan?

the hardest part about being vegan is the shit people say

Knowing that there is a better way……..

How does it feel being right? How does it feel to align your very moral being with what is right? Angry? Sad? Desperate? Compassionate? Lost?

How does one go about changing what was the norm to something totally different? But is so right. Freeing.

How does it feel going against the norm?

When you change to a plant-based diet and reverse medical conditions, does it make you want to scream at the medical community? It does me.

I learned at one time, that we need ‘protein’ to build muscle. I used to be a BBQ restaurant owner and guess what that high protein thinking got me? Fat and sick as fuck. When I switched to a plant-based diet, going against everything I knew, guess what happened? THIS:

I struggled with being a bit over-weight my whole adult life. I believed the low carb Atkins LIE. I guess I ate too many carbs? When I switched from a high protein diet to a high (complex) carbohydrate diet eating 200-300 grams of carbs DAILY, the fat went away, and the muscle mass became literally astounding. (READ: ‘Easy Weight Loss On A Plant Based Diet‘)

Get angry and turn people off or be compassionate!

When you realize that you have been fed a bunch of lies (milk does a body good) (protein is a food group – READ: ‘But Where Do You Get Your Protein‘), it is easy to get angry. In that anger, sharing the many truths that you have now learned with others that don’t want to believe that all of the things they have been taught their entire lives are a lie, can turn people off.

Please realize that not long ago, you were there too.

Be gentle on other people.

Find the love and compassion in yourself instead of anger.

The hardest thing about being vegan video:

Love you guys, email me if you are struggling. ctiexec @ gmail


P.S. Did you know that we feed around 70 billion human bred farmed animals while 752 million people go hungry and 3.1 million children die every year from starvation? PLEASE go vegan!

Wanna know why I am angry? FEED THE FUCKING CHILDREN!!!! (Read: ‘World Hunger and Global Food Security‘)

End Animal Agriculture

My favorite website is A Well Fed World AWFW.org