Raising Children To Have Empathy

Guest post by LuLu Lotus

Empathy Starts With You

As parents, we are responsible for raising compassionate children that will better the future. Luckily, children are innately compassionate and we can either choose to harness that or blindly conceal it. To harness compassion towards animals involves being aware of what we eat, how we are being entertained, and what products we are using throughout the day. Since children learn by modelling, we must set the right example and teach them through our own actions.

Daily Choices Have Impact

You can feed your children animal products like the millions of others that do – but you should stop and think about the repercussions. Are your actions improving their health, mental well-being, and the future? Or are they causing harm, creating a disconnect, and destroying the environment? It is important to teach children that all of their choices impact the world around them.

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Educate Children To Follow The Compassionate Path

Children are naturally kind and understanding. When given the option, they do not want to cause harm. Unlike adults who are usually more set in their ways, children are like sponges and are much more open to learning new things. Unfortunately, most children are unaware of the darkness behind their food, products, and entertainment. It is our job as parents to be well informed of the truth. This way, we can raise our children to follow the compassionate path. Educating our children begins with educating ourselves.

Teaching Children About Impact

The next time you decide to purchase a product, think about what kind of impact it has on the world. Raising your children to be aware of the world around them and the repercussions of their actions can contribute to preserving their compassion. They will learn to be kind to all those around them which will take them far in life.

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A Way To Channel Empathy In Young Children

A note from Jeff @ARespectfulLife.com:

LuLu Lotus has written an amazing series of children’s books that teach kids empathy and compassion. Her books have great reviews and and are available in paperback and on Kindle on Amazon!

About LuLu Lotus

LuLu Lotus

LuLu Lotus is a young single mother of 2 boys born 10 months apart. She found the inspiration to start writing children’s books after escaping domestic violence and fleeing to a women’s shelter with her toddler and baby. With a strong background in art and childcare she combined her passions along with her love for veganism to create her first book series titled “Choose Kindness”.

Follow LuLu on Instagram @lululotusbooks – https://www.instagram.com/lululotusbooks/

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The Choose Kindness Series

  • Volume 1 “Kiss or Cook?” focuses on animals used for food.
  • Volume 2 “Free or Force?” is about animals used for entertainment.
  • Volume 3 which is set to release in May 2019 will be about animals used for materials.

The books have a bright and gentle approach to the various aspects of veganism and compassion for animals. They are a great introductory educational tool for animal welfare. LuLu hopes the series will plant a seed in the minds of future generations, grow the vegan community, and inspire victims of domestic violence to find the strength to move forward with their lives.

The Choose Kindness Series Can Be Found Here:

Get “Kiss or Cook” on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kiss-Cook-Teaching-Children-Compassion/dp/1999549619/

Get “Free Or Force” on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Free-Force-Teaching-Children-Compassion/dp/1999549643/

More Info on LuLu Lotus Books:


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