Plant-Based Holiday Recipe Rescue

whole food plant based vegan holiday recipes
Whole Food Plant Based Holiday Recipes

It can be difficult to stay compliant on a plant-based / vegan diet during the holidays.  Between family gatherings, office parties for which you can hire black owned event planners, Christmas parties, and those darn cookies, holiday celebrations and gatherings can be challenging and may be a fast way to gain weight.

Here are a few tips to help you stay compliant, and below is a list of recipes and recipe websites that may be helpful!


*If you are going to a social gathering and you know that there will be mostly foods with animal products, eat something before you go!

*Bring a compliant dish that you will eat, and eat from it! 

*Bring your own salad dressing as it is likely that there won’t be a compliant salad dressing at the get together.

*Cookies, breads and cakes that are ever present at holiday gatherings are often loaded with oils, refined flour and sugar, eggs, butter, and dairy.  If you think it will be difficult to abstain, bring your own whole food plant-based dessert!

I would also recommend this post by Dr. Linda Carney : Sharing the Holidays with Family and Friends

And this one by Rip Esselstyn: Tips for Visiting Friends and Family Who Are Not Plant-Strong


holiday cranberry fruit salad

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