Chemtrails, Conspiracy, Cirrus Clouds, Climate Change and Cows

Chemtrails Conspiracy Cirrus Clouds Climate Change Cows

What is with all these artificial cirrus clouds?  Are airplanes spraying chemicals over our heads?  Could this be the cause of climate change?  Is this all just a hoax?

Chemtrails and Conspiracy Theories

A search on Google for ‘Chemtrails’ will yield over 7 million results!  Before you dive down the chemtrail theory rabbit hole, know that you will be delving into a world of passionate individuals that will do everything possible to convince you that their theory holds water.  In  your search , you will read about whistle blowers, Dane Wigington, Geoengineering, Climate Engineering, Solar Radiation Management, HAARP, and Weather Modification.

Note that often impassioned individuals have something to gain by convincing you of their theories.  For example, Dane Wigington would like you to buy is book ‘Georengineering A Chronicle of Indictment‘ for just $46.95.  There are many books and videos on the topic.  Let me save you the trouble……

The Rabbit Hole

I am admittedly a research junkie. If I find a topic that I am interested in, I research until I find sensible answers.  I look at all of the scientific evidence to come to a solid conclusion.  My research has never failed me.

Other research:

Fortunately, my research on Chemtrails led me to a meticulously documented set of websites.  After review of the articles, science, many hours of videos, and some discussion with the author of these sites Jim Lee, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Lee’s research work and meticulous documentation is spot on.  Let Mr. Lee save you the trouble of falling deep into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories!


In his article on called “#CirrusCloudsMatter, the shady truth about Contrails“, Jim Lee fully explains what Chemtrails / Contrails are and are not.

In brief, the man-made vapor trails left by airplanes are artificially created cirrus clouds.  These cirrus clouds remain in the atmosphere and trap heat at night.  It is very possible and most likely that these vapor trails are one of the LARGEST CONTRIBUTORS to anthropogenic climate change.

Let me repeat: artificial clouds made by airplanes are trapping heat and causing our planet to overheat.

Interestingly, this is rarely mentioned in the news.  The airline and shipping industries are big business.  As a result, there is very little regulation over the commercial airline and shipping industry emissions.

Post Update:

On June 28th, 2019 Science Magazine posted an article ‘Aviation’s dirty secret: Airplane contrails are a surprisingly potent cause of global warming’.

It states: “A 2011 study suggests that the net effect of these contrail clouds contributes more to atmospheric warming than all the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by planes since the dawn of aviation.”

Jet Fuel Air Pollution

In a sense, the conspiracy theorists are right.  They claim that someone is purposely spraying chemicals over our heads to geoengineer the skies and planet.  Jet fuel has MANY chemical additives that pollute the world.  Here is a data sheet from ExxonMobil listing the additives in their aviation fuel:


The EPA has done very little to regulate the airline industry.  On August 11, 2015 the EPA held a hearing on Commercial Aircraft Emissions:

TRANSCRIPT: EPA Hearing on Commercial Aircraft Emissions Transcript

Here is a video of Jim Lee’s testimony at the hearing:

The result was that, after years of deliberations and lawsuits, the EPA issued its final endangerment finding for airline emissions, legally requiring the agency to move forward with regulation.  What has been done since?  Almost NOTHING.

In 2016 the environmental committee of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) approved a new set of guidelines, which will take more than a decade to be fully enforced.  The new emissions standard will apply to new aircraft designs starting in 2020, and to new planes in operation by 2023 and will only cut CO2 emissions from aircraft .  All of the existing planes?  NO REGULATION.  The other chemical additives?  NOTHING.

But Look At The Skies! #OpChemtrails #LookUp

One conspiracy theorist said, “The skies don’t look like they used to look…… When I was a kid, there were blue skies and big puffy clouds!”   There is some truth to this.  However, airline traffic is at an all time high.

From 1970 to 2017, air traffic has gone from 310 Million to 3.97 Billion passengers annually.


Persistent Contrails & Global Warming?

Are persistent and spreading contrails a relatively new thing?

No, it has been exactly the same for decades, the only change has been the size of jet engines (producing bigger contrails), engine technology (burning fuel more efficiently in high bypass jet engines creates cooler exhaust which is more likely to condense before it mixes with the surrounding air) and the amount of air traffic (producing more contrails).

Most planes fly between 25,000 feet and 50,000 feet.  The air is cold high in the atmosphere, and the humidity is high.  The higher the humidity, the longer the contrails last.

Does this contribute to global warming?

During the day, the artificial cirrus cloud formations caused by jets have a reflective effect.  In other words, it blocks the sun out and the earth surface temperatures are actually cooler.  Unfortunately, cirrus clouds also block heat from escaping, especially at night.  Because they trap radiant heat, this has a net warming effect.

Geoengineering & Greenwashing

Geoengineering or ‘climate engineering’ also called climate intervention is:

“The deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system, usually with the aim of mitigating the adverse effects of global warming.” according to Wikipedia.

It has been proposed by several client scientists that we utilize ‘solar radiation management’ (blocking out the sun) via stratospheric aerosol injection (putting chemicals in jet fuel or other methodologies).

Given that we know that cirrus clouds trap radiant heat, this is a potentially dangerous proposal!

Another proposed method is via marine cloud brightening.  Using ships and their emissions to spray seawater into the air in order to whiten clouds and thus increase cloud reflectivity.   Know that the shipping industry is also highly unregulated!  This pollution is also known as ‘Ship Tracks’.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

 Ship Tracks Over the Pacific:Ship Tracks shipping pollution

Know this about geoengineering via airplanes and ships:  This is a way to normalize pollution and not address and regulate a growing problem.  With technology, especially the internet, we are able to buy and ship products all over the world.  With picture sharing and cheap airfare, individuals have more desire to travel to interesting places around the globe.   Airline and shipping traffic continues to grow at a steady pace.  Without regulation, we will continue to warm the planet at the alarming pace.  The associated industries love the idea of greenwashing pollution by making it a solution instead of it being seen as a problem.

Note that there are many patents that have been filed concerning geoengineering and weather modification so this is not just some rogue interpretation of opinions on the topics.  If you are curious, there is a list of these patents documented here:

Weather Modification


Humans have been trying to modify the weather for many years.   Even as far back as the late 1800’s.  Currently, there is quite a bit of cloud seeding Many of the chemtrail conspiracy theorists believe that the ‘deep state’ / ‘global elites’  are currently controlling the weather.

Weather modification HAS been used as weather warfare.  The United States in 1967 to 1972 used cloud seeding during ‘Operation Popeye’ in the Vietnam War.  The primary purpose of Operation Popeye was to increase rainfall in order to wash out roadways and river crossings so that Vietnamese military supply trucks could not get through.

Weather warfare has since been largely banned. The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) and The United Nations Convention on Environmental Modification prohibit the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques that have widespread, long-lasting, or severe effects.  A resolution and international treaty was signed in 1976.


52 countries around the world have active cloud seeding programs.


The United States and other nations have not only conducted massive cloud seeding operations, they have attempted to steer hurricanes and weaken tropical cyclones.  Project Stormfury was an attmept to weaken tropical cyclones by seeding them with silver iodide.  Project Cirrus was an attempt to steer a hurricane by dropping 180 lbs of dry ice into a hurricane.

If you want more information about weather modification, Jim Lee has done an excellent job meticulously documenting at .


So what do cows have anything to do with contrails?  If you are at all concerned about the effect of contrails on global warming, you should be equally or perhaps more concerned about the methane emissions from the 1.4 BILLION cows on the planet.   A majority of these large (1,390 lbs. on average) mammals are bred into existence by humans.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of the total release of greenhouse gases world-wide (this is more than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined).

Livestock account for an estimated 9% of global CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions, estimated 35-40% of global CH4 (Methane) emissions and 65% of NO2 (Nitrous Oxide) emissions.


In addition to emissions, the crop to calorie conversion ratio is inefficient through animal agriculture.  In other words, the portion of plant energy dedicated to raising animals becomes edible calories in the form of meat, dairy, and eggs.  For every 100 calories fed to farmed animals, we receive only 17-30 calories in the form of meat or milk.

Source: Compassion In World Farming

Read more about Impactful Eating here:

Impactful Eating for health climate change world

Read more about the impact of climate change on World Hunger here:

Your Personal Impact

The single largest impact you can make to lower your personal carbon footprint is to go vegan.  I would also encourage you to fly less.  There is no planet B.

As always, if you have any questions about my content, please feel free to reach out to me directly ctiexec @ gmail . com

In Good Health,


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  1. Do you know how much artificial cirrus clouds affect the earth’s temp?
    I see crisscross patterns of CONTRAILS very often. –which leads me to wonder how much it is going on nationwide….even worldwide, or simply over land.

    1. I am not sure we have an actual way to gauge the exact temperature affect of artificial cirrus clouds. The scale is MASSIVE so it HAS to be a contributor. I did include the figure and graph “From 1970 to 2017, air traffic has gone from 310 Million to 3.97 Billion passengers annually.”

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