Plant Based On A Budget Guide

One of the most common misconceptions about adopting a plant based or vegan diet is that it is expensive.  My friend Amanda Rose did a great 3 part series on Plant Based On A Budget so I want to share it but you have to pop on over to her blog.

plant based on a budget

One of the most common misconceptions about adopting a plant based or vegan diet is that it is expensive. 

Sure it can be, but so can any way of eating if you are always grabbing takeaway, having dinners out and purchasing gourmet products. 

Going plant based, needn’t be expensive… in fact it can be one of the cheapest and most sustainable diets. 

So how can you keep it affordable?

This week I’ll be taking you through my top tips for doing plant based on a budget. 

It can actually be super simple, and delicious. You don’t just need to eat a boring salad to stick to a budget. In fact I have recipes for cheap mexican meals, affordable indian meals, delicious desserts and more! 

Having a meal plan and recipes to follow can help you avoid food wastage, as you know what to eat and what to purchase and so you can simply get what you need. 

This helps you be organised, stops you from purchasing unnecessary extras from the supermarket, and you can prepare meals in advance… so if you are tired and don’t feel like cooking you don’t fall into the trap of getting takeaway. In fact, when I am prepared with my meals and meal prep I save so much $$$. 

If you need a meal plan, or recipes to help you stick to budget friendly meals my Transition plan or 28 Day Vegan Shred are a great place to start. You can make back the initial investment on a plan, within a week of following it. In fact I have had clients say that following my plan has saved them over $50 per week on their grocery bill AND has prevented food wastage, a double win! 

But generally if you stick to whole foods, and avoid packaged and processed foods you will find you save money. 

Great kitchen staples include:

  1. rice
  2. potatoes
  3. in season fruits 
  4. in season veggies 
  5. frozen fruits 
  6. frozen veggies 
  7. lentils 
  8. beans (black, red kidney beans, etc)
  9. chickpeas (garbanzo beans) 
  10. oats

I made a video about these staples, how much they retail for (at least here in Australia) and what kinds of meals you can make with them… you can check that out here…. 

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  1. I love their plan! However, where I live (small town in Florida panhandle), I don’t have access to big bulk stores like Costco. My food costs are 2-3 times higher than the authors’.

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