Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance – being mentally disconnected


What is cognitive dissonance?  It is being mentally / emotionally disconnected from the everything that gives us LIFE.   This earth that we all live on is a living and breathing organism.  We take from her resources.  We make her sweat.  The Earth is our lifeblood.  Without the earth in all of its splendor, we have nothing.

So why do we waste it/her?  Why do we keep on our path (of destruction) and keep on doing and being in our way of life and think everything is going to be OK?

We are disconnected from the very thing that brings us LIFE.  There is no plan B.  There is no alternate universe.  There is no other place that we HUMANS can call home.  WE have not found the means or a replacement for mother earth.

What brings us life?  PLANTS people.  Plants.  Plants: trees, nuts, greens, beans, pineapple, coconuts, figs, bananas, oranges, olives, grapes, whole grains, etc. give life to OUR species.  Yet we strip this planet of life, and we artificially put more beings on this planet and continue to strip it of LIFE and perpetuate madness.  MADNESS!   Cognitive dissonance.  Pure craziness.  We artificially inseminate a cow, to make more cows, that strip our planet of its resources, to feed that cow, that is now taking away from starving babies, in order to have a damn hamburger, or steak.  It is complete madness in every sense of the word.

We are taught from a very young age that we should eat Cheerios, eat lots of bread and grains even if they are highly refined, drink milk (because it does a body good right?), and eat meat and cheese from every corner restaurant and on so many commercials.  We have become obsessed with bacon, ice cream, greasy burgers, and cheese.  We are stripping the earth of it’s resources.

Consider this: There are 7 Billion Humans on planet Earth.  We have artificially bred 70 BILLION animals that we own for food and that now live on this planet.  We grow enough produce to feed 14 Billion people, yet almost 1 Billion are starving or malnourished.  Instead of feeding the world, we feed animals so we can have our hamburgers, bacon and cheese.  All for greed and profits.

What will it take for us to figure it out?   ARE YOU DUMB?  Are we as a species stupid?  No, we are not dumb.  We have been taught that calcium and protein are derived from cows.  This is not the truth.  You have bought the propaganda.  You have eaten the manna of an industry that wants profits.   You have perpetuated madness.  Yep, you.   And me.  I did it for many years.  I was a BBQ restaurant owner and have slaughtered more pigs and cows than you can imagine.

When I quit eating meat and dairy for health reasons, I was able to make the connection.  When I made the connection, and no longer considered the propaganda from the meat, cheese and dairy industries, everything changed.  I went from being the ultimate meat eater, to a preachy vegan.  I never thought that would happen.  Not in a million years.  But here I am…….. an asshole vegan.  With no apologies.

I am thankful for The DoDo whom constantly shows animals loving on people and vis a vis.  Would you eat your dog?  Would you eat your cat?  PLEASE make the connection folks.  US humans are perpetuating madness.  Want to feed a child in Uganda?  Want to help Syrians?  STOP eating animal flesh and animal products!!!!  PLEASE.  Please.  Quit using resources that perpetuate madness.  Make the connection.

This video made me cry.  I am a big bad man.  I am everything big and bold, shaved head muscular bad ass.  Please make the connection.


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